Women Life Hustles

Is it just me, or does every woman feel the added pressure of just being a woman, mom, wife, girlfriend, sister and even a friend? Browsing through the internet, I came across the definition of a woman from http://www.yourdictionary.com > woman – they define a woman as an adult female human. They give an example of a woman as Michelle Obama. I immediately thought to myself: “Wow, they have decided to give Michelle Obama as an example of a woman? If that alone does not scream pressure to the rest of us ordinary women, then I don’t know what is”.

We wear these prominent hats every day with a smile, elegance, and perhaps sometimes with pride. However, when we get home and find time to reflect in the evenings, we feel vulnerable and sometimes, if not most of the time hurt because we are silently overwhelmed with the responsibilities society expects of us to carry. Whether we live with someone or not, there is always this sense of loneliness that creeps into our beings and we wish there was someone we could talk to about our innermost feelings. Problem is though, with everything that goes on in your daily hectic schedules, you don’t know which “controversial” item to first open for discussion.

From rushing kids to school in the mornings so you can make it on time to that crucial business/ work meeting without submitting an apology on the agenda item of why you are late, knowing that the excuse surrounding kids makes you look weak in the Boardroom.

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