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When God said: Be FRUITFUL, MULTIPLY and SUBDUE (Genesis 1:28), what does it Mean?
To be FRUITFUL means have a PURPOSE in what ever you do, you’ll reap the benefits.
To MULTIPLY means once you have a purpose it will produce after itself and it will bear fruits just like when you plant a tree, once it reaches its maturity, it produces after itself.
To SUBDUE means to take control (to bring under mental and emotional control) of the environment.
So this means that every person is by default gifted, we just need to acknowledge or find that gift in us; then apply the above three.

How do you do that or apply that in your life?

This is an original post by: Lloyd Modimogale. To read the rest of the article, please visit: https://modimoll.wordpress.com/2015/06/21/be-the-best-in-what-you-do-use-your-gifting/

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